Free up space in your closet and make money doing it!


Men's and Women's Consignment intake is done by appointment at the shop OR if you have more than 20 items, we can come to your home and work right from your closet. Please call or email us to set up an appointment or an in-home visit.

We strongly encourage you to email photos of at least a few of the items you're thinking of consigning.

All items must be modern, seasonal and in pristine condition. While the shop is all about the modern, we do also accept rare vintage pieces which can be subject to wear, and still appropriate for sale.

Goods will be for sale on consignment for a period of THREE MONTHS, or, if bought in mid-season, until the end of the season (as per the seasonal time frames above).

OTC reserves the right to reduce the price of the items at its discretion at any point during this period.

Though we prefer to pay it forward and donate any unsold items to charity at the end of the sales period, your remaining unsold items can be picked up for a handling fee of $2 per item.

Any items not picked up after 30 days become property of OTC and will be donated to charity.

If defects are noticed after consigned items are left by consignor, we reserve the right to donate such items without notice to consignor.

OTC sets the goal prices on all items accepted for consignment. Upon sale of an item, OTC receives 50% of the realized price and consignor receives 50% of the realized price. On luxury bags and accessories, consignor receives 75% of the realized price. On certain hype items, the consignor receives 75%. Contact us to inquire about your hype pieces.

OTC is not responsible for lost, damaged, stolen items left on consignment by the consignor.

Consignor certifies that all items left for consignment are authentic (no fake or knock-offs) and are not stolen property. If you don't have original boxes, dustbags and complete supporting materials for any luxury accessory, we won't take it.

It is the sole responsibility of the consignor to contact OTC for an account inquiry at the end of the period (recommended at the 3-4 month point).

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.